Andrew Rose

April 5, 2013 by mailtothejail

 Andrew Rose was 17 years old when he was arrested on 12/5/2011.  Andrew, an Autistic youth’s only crime was wanting to download a song that he loved from Limewire. Andrew is a victim of a Government organized sting designed to catch people who download child pornography.  This operation handled by ICE and the FBI is known as Operation Flicker.   I have done some investigating online about Operation Flicker and in an article written by the Voice of America on July 22, 2010 innocent victims are not the only ones caught in the net of a sting operation that publishes child porn in order to trap people into viewing it and then arresting them.  Federal investigators have identified members of the U.S. Military and defense contractors who allegedly downloaded child porn.  A contractor with top secret clearance, tasked with providing support to the NSA was charged with possessing child porn.  He has since fled the county and is believed to be hiding in Libya.

The issue in this case as reported by Andrew Rose’s family and supporters is that Andrew logged on to Limewire to download his favorite song.  Unbeknownst to Andrew, he downloaded child pornography.  Andrew deleted the picture and tried to download his favorite song again.  The very same thing occurred.  Shortly after, the FBI raided Andrew’s home and arrested him.    Andrew was asked many terrifying questions such as whether or not he masturbated to these pics etc.  This young man was terrified and has had his life turned upside down.  He was denied access to school after the prosecutor in this case notified the school of Andrew’s arrest.  He is not permitted to play with younger children and he could be listed as a sex offender for the rest of his life.  Andrew, as reported by his family, suffers from Autism and has no concept of sex or pornography.  It clearly was not his intent to download child pornography.  He is scheduled to appear in court on June 25.  He resides in a small town, Sullivan Missouri where the legal system works as badly as the rest of the country.  This is a frightened and isolated young person who desperately needs your help.   Please write to Andrew.  Keep in mind that he suffers from Autism and we are hoping for funny cards and letters.  NOTE:  Andrew is not allowed any contact with minors as one of the terms of his release and spends most of his day in the basement isolated from others.  His younger sister is not allowed to have friends over and the entire community is looking very negatively on Andrew.    Do not write to Andrew if you are not over 18 years old.

Cards and letters to Andrew Rose
can be mailed to:
Andrew Rose
568 Cherry ST.
Sullivan Missouri 63080


We also ask that you consider writing a letter to the judge in support of Andrew and ask that he consider the issue of entrapment when reviewing this case.  You can write to the judge at the following address:

Honorable Judge Lamke
Circuit Court Division 2
Franklin County Judicial Center
401 East Main Street
Union, MO 63084



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