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Jeremy Hammond Letter and Book Drive

Jeremy “Anarchaos” Hammond is a political prisoner who risked and lost his freedom to help others. We are raising funds to provide him with books and other basic amenities to improve his quality of life.

Jeremy Hammond is an activist and hacktivist who many have called the “Digital Robin Hood” due to his generosity with the capital he re-purposed to many people in need.

He is currently serving a 10 year sentence in Manchester, KY after what can only be called a witch hunt was employed to pass judgement and decide punishment.

Despite the best efforts of Jeremy’s friends and family to fight for a fair trial he was sentenced by a judge who happened to be the wife of an man connected to the company accusing Jeremy and as a result he was promptly & predictably railroaded.

We are asking for donations to Jeremy’s WePay in order to show Jeremy a sliver of the same generosity he extended to so many others so that books and other basic amenities can be purchased to help improve his quality of life over the next 10 years and as a general thank you to Jeremy for all he sacrificed.

Please show your solidarity with Jeremy with a contribution to the following fund:

You can also write to Jeremy at the following address:

Jeremy Hammond-18729-424
P.O. BOX 4000

Our hearts are broken at the outrageous sentence handed down in the Hammond case.   What the state failed to recognize is Jeremy’s strong love for people and his wish to help others whenever possible.  With this in mind, my name is Sue Crabtree and I am very proud to be a part of the Anonymous Solidarity Network.  We had a speech prepared the day of the hearing but I was emotionally unable to deliver that speech after court so I will provide it to you here:

Since March 6, 2012 the day Jeremy Hammond was arrested in Chicago, we have waited for the day that he would be  vindicated, to walk free on his charges, or the day he would be sentenced, and we would learn his fate. Today is not the day we had hoped for. Today is not the day that justice prevailed, that the U.S. Government was brought to task for their illegal prosecution of Hammond, and their own crimes, as brought to light by the Stratfor hack, and Snowden and Manning's leak revelations.
 A few days ago on twitter, it was mentioned that political hacking prosecutions are now cover for the prosecution of sedition. The failure to adhere to political narrative, to take comfort in lies, to partake in illegal wars and spying, this failure garners a sentence like Jeremy received today. Today was not the day that justice prevailed. It was never going to be that easy. Jeremy knew this himself when he became involved in Anonymous. There was an urgency in his actions, a deeply held dedication that manifested itself in his involvement with Jeremy was there at its inception. He created our first site. His deeply held concern for the Paypal14, whose case still drags through the court, and arrests overseas, all arrested Anons, never wavered, even after he was imprisoned. He shared his funds with them. He asked about them repeatedly, to make sure that they had access to whatever limited resources Freeanons had. This is the kind of spirit that he has. 
The Free Jeremy Hammond Support Network arose the day we learned Jeremy had been arrested. Since that time, we have networked with an amazing array of activists, hacktivists, lawyers and media to use Jeremy's case to further his purpose. We never wavered, and we, as a whole, are stronger today than ever. This is not an end for us. Our work has just begun. Today, justice did not prevail. We never expected it would. We cannot expect justice from a system that requires a Hammond, a Manning or a Snowden to call out its failures. Instead, we created our own victory, one of human spirit. Together, with Jeremy at the center of our efforts, we persevered, and overcame our differences for a greater cause, the one that has us gathered here. This is far better than an illusory justice. Together we have won more than justice. The truth belongs to us. Our bonds belong to us. We have Jeremy to thank for this. With that we offer a heartfelt thanks to our supporters who donated time and effort, every single one. They are worldwide, and they are legion. 
The Free Jeremy Hammond Support Network, working hand in hand with to assist all jailed political prisoners, would like to send our thanks to every person who cared enough to share a link, send a letter or book or messagesof support to Jeremy via the Support Network. This battle can never be considered lost as this has brought too many together and we truly are one legion in a fight for justice for all that expose the government and their programs designed to attack and unjustly jail people who defy the rules put in place to punish whistleblowers.

Jeremy is on his way to his final destination. Please hold all mail until we provide you with a new mailing address.


Up The Rebels


The time has come for the sentencing hearing of our comrade, Jeremy Hammond. We have been preparing ourselves for the last 20 months and on this day, we will join together in solidarity with Jeremy as he accepts the sentence to be handed down for his role in the hack of Stratfor, a private contracting firm.

We have planned the following events to show Jeremy that he will not be forgotten. If you are in the New York City area and would like to join us, we would love to have you. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach us on Twitter @Free_Hammond or on Facebook at Free Jeremy Hammond Support Network. If you are in need of hotel information, please feel free to DM our Twitter account on send a PM to the Facebook account listed.

11/14/2013: Thursday evening: We will meet at our traditional location, Jeremy’s Ale House for a meet and greet and a chance to make new contacts and friends. Jeremy’s Ale House has become our place to laugh and enjoy each other’s company since the onset of Jeremy’s case. It seems fitting that we gather there one last time. The address for Jeremy’s Ale House is 228 Front St, New York, NY 10038 which is about 4 blocks from the jail and courthouse. We will start to meet there between 7-8pm so bring a smile and have a beer with us. The food is excellent.

11/15/2013: 8am eastern time: Tweetstorm begins. Let’s show Jeremy Hammond some massive support. Here is the pastebin for this storm:

11/15/2013: Friday morning: We will begin to gather at Foley Square between 8:30am and 9:00am Foley Square is located directly across the street from the courthouse. The address to the courthouse is 500 Perl Street. Foley Square can be identified by a giant black sculpture.

We will begin to make our way to the courthouse at about 9:15am. When you arrive at the courthouse, please be aware that you will be required to turn over all electronic devices etc and we suggest that you password protect them. Once we arrive at the assigned courtroom, I ask that you be respectful of Jeremy’s mother and close friends that Jeremy has not seen in some time and allow them to sit in the front so that Jeremy can see them.

Following the sentencing hearing, we will walk back to Foley Square to hear statements from our speakers. Alexa O’Brien, Chris Hedges, Jay Leiderman and Douglas Lucas will be there to provide their perspectives on this case and other cases as well.

11/15/2013: Friday evening: The NY chapter of the ABC will be hosting a NOISE RALLY at the MCC which is located at 150 Park Row to show love to Jeremy Hammond. I ask that anyone who will be in NY, join together for this uplifting event and make some noise for Jeremy. You can follow the ABC on Twitter @NYABC or on Facebook at NYC Anarchist Black Cross.

The links to the livestreamers for this events will be the following:
Twitter: @Small_Affair and @OTS_Nola
Twitter: @Jeffwrcct

A Tweetstorm is also in the works so please follow @Free_Hammond for information on how you can participate in this event and make the world aware of unjust cases like the case against our friend, Jeremy Hammond.

We hope to see you in NY as we show Jeremy Hammond the attention he deserves.

The PayPal14 have court tomorrow, October 31 at 9am. The address to the courthouse is as follows: 280 South First Street courtroom 7, 4th floor San Jose, CA. If you can attend, they would love to see you there.

If you are not able to attend court to support these activists, please add a message of support to the link below to show them that they are in your thoughts. They would love to hear from you. The PayPal team has been fighting prosecution for nearly 3 years. They deserve your support and they need to know they are not forgotten. It only takes a minute to add a message. Please show your support today.