Daniel McGowan Urgent Call to Action

April 4, 2013 by mailtothejail

 Update:  We are so pleased to report that Daniel has been returned to the halfway house and one step closer to returning home.  Congratulations Daniel.  Thank you for your bravery and your strength. – Update to article written 4/4/2013:  Daniel McGowan may soon be released from jail and returned to the Half way house! – Via the Huffington post,  Tracy Rivers, a residential reentry manager for the BOP in New York, told HuffPost Friday morning, “We are reviewing this case to determine if the actions that were taken were appropriate.” This is great news!  Congratulations to Daniel and his wife.  We hope that he will soon be able to return home and start his life.


Daniel McGowan is an environmentalist and an activist.  He was arrested and charged in Federal court on multiple counts of arson and conspiracy related to the arson of Superior Lumber company in Glendale Oregon on January 2, 2001 and Jefferson Poplar Farms also in Oregon on May 21, 2001.  He was facing a minimum of life in prison if convicted on all counts.  He accepted a non-cooperating plea agreement on November 9, 2006.  A terrorism enhancement was applied to his sentence.  This arrest was part of an FBI organized project known as Operation Backfire.    Operation Backfired was designed to target environmental and animal rights activists.

On June 4, 2007 Daniel McGowan was sentenced to 7 years in federal prison and ordered to pay $1.9 million in restitution.    He was incarcerated in the highly restrictive Communications Management Unit at the United States Penitentiary Marion until October, 2010 when a request for transfer to general population was granted.  For reasons never explained, he was transferred 4 months later to another Communications Management Unit in Terre Haute, Indiana.  In March, 2010, the Center for Constitutional Rights filed a lawsuit on behalf of multiple prisoners, including Daniel.

On December 11, 2012, Daniel was released to a half way house in New York City.  Daniel himself has worked with prison support groups.

We have just been informed that Daniel was denied a pass to go to work in the last several days.  According to information given, this denial came from the Bureau of Prisons.  When Daniel followed up regarding this denial, he was told it was not merely a denial of a work pass but a restriction on all movement.  When asked it that meant that he would receive a visit from Federal Marshals, the halfway house administrators told him they did not know.   Shortly thereafter, Daniel was taken back into custody and placed back in prison.  There is speculation that the reason for his imprisonment is directly related to an article that Daniel recently wrote for the Huffington Post.  An Attorney with the Center for Constitutional Rights has visited Daniel at the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn.

Daniel desperately needs your letters.  We ask that you do whatever you can to get this man some attention and some support.  Daniel was given a short taste of even limited freedom before it was stripped from him.   One cannot imagine how he must be feeling at this time.

Daniel McGowan


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Brooklyn, NY  11232

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