Jeremy Hammond Letter and Book Drive

January 14, 2014 by mailtothejail

Jeremy Hammond Letter and Book Drive

Jeremy “Anarchaos” Hammond is a political prisoner who risked and lost his freedom to help others. We are raising funds to provide him with books and other basic amenities to improve his quality of life.

Jeremy Hammond is an activist and hacktivist who many have called the “Digital Robin Hood” due to his generosity with the capital he re-purposed to many people in need.

He is currently serving a 10 year sentence in Manchester, KY after what can only be called a witch hunt was employed to pass judgement and decide punishment.

Despite the best efforts of Jeremy’s friends and family to fight for a fair trial he was sentenced by a judge who happened to be the wife of an man connected to the company accusing Jeremy and as a result he was promptly & predictably railroaded.

We are asking for donations to Jeremy’s WePay in order to show Jeremy a sliver of the same generosity he extended to so many others so that books and other basic amenities can be purchased to help improve his quality of life over the next 10 years and as a general thank you to Jeremy for all he sacrificed.

Please show your solidarity with Jeremy with a contribution to the following fund:

You can also write to Jeremy at the following address:

Jeremy Hammond-18729-424
P.O. BOX 4000

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