URGENT: Letters needed for Grand Jury Resister, Jerry Koch

October 23, 2013 by mailtothejail

This is an urgent request for Mail to the Jail for Jerry Koch. Jerry has been incarcerated for more than 5 months and has not had a letter in weeks. This is unacceptable and we must act to show Jerry the love and support he deserves. We do not forget our political prisoners. Following is a message from Jerry’s mother. Let’s fill that jail with some mail. It should be easy for many of you as he is in jail with Jeremy Hammond.

“I have a favor to ask. A small thing with a huge impact. I saw Jerry last Thursday and learned he has not received mail for three weeks. This is just another pressure tactic. But it’s a painful one, because mail is so dear to a prisoner’s heart. It’s the primary way he knows he’s not forgotten. Jerry was receiving the most mail any prisoner at MCC ever received. There must be hundreds of letters for him, but he’s not getting them. So would you please send a POSTCARD, preferably one that has your city or state on the front, like a souvenir postcard. Just say one or two lines. It can be as simple as “I honor your sacrifice.”

This is important: After you send it, let me know here on facebook or at [email protected] I’ll report to his attorney how many postcards he should be receiving and from which states and countries. I’ve got a blank map of the US ready to go! If he doesn’t get all the postcards, we’ll be able to prove he is not getting his mail. Can you see how important this is!”

Here’s his address:
Gerald Koch #68631-054
MCC New York
Metropolitan Correctional Center
150 Park Row
New York NY 10007

Please tell your friends! I want hundreds of postcards descending on MCC in the next ten days. Please help me do this. And thank YOU for being a real friend!

If you don’t know Jerry’s story or need something to share with friends, read the article in AlterNet

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