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Holiday Letter Writing Event

Holiday Letter Writing Event To Prisoners

The Killing of Hugo Pinnell

Suspects identified by California officials in connection with the August stabbing death of infamous inmate Hugo Pinell had histories of prison assaults, including one case still pending, court records show.

Jeremy Hammond Letter and Book Drive

Jeremy “Anarchaos” Hammond is a political prisoner who risked and lost his freedom to help others. We are raising funds to provide him with books and other basic amenities to improve his quality of life.

Our hearts are broken at the outrageous sentence handed down in the Hammond case.   What the state failed to recognize is Jeremy’s strong love for people and his wish to help others whenever possible.  With this in mind, my name is Sue Crabtree and I am very proud to be a part of the Anonymous Solidarity Network.  We had a speech prepared the day of the hearing but I was emotionally unable to deliver that speech after court so I will provide it to you here: