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 Andrew Rose was 17 years old when he was arrested on 12/5/2011.  Andrew, an Autistic youth’s only crime was wanting to download a song that he loved from Limewire. Andrew is a victim of a Government organized sting designed to catch people who download child pornography.  This operation handled by ICE and the FBI is known as Operation Flicker.   I have done some investigating online about Operation Flicker and in an article written by the Voice of America on July 22, 2010 innocent victims are not the only ones caught in the net of a sting operation that publishes child porn in order to trap people into viewing it and then arresting them.  Federal investigators have identified members of the U.S. Military and defense contractors who allegedly downloaded child porn.  A contractor with top secret clearance, tasked with providing support to the NSA was charged with possessing child porn.  He has since fled the county and is believed to be hiding in Libya.